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You Love me, then, You Hate me

In the beginning
You embraced me
Held my safe upon your being
There was light
and there was life
In the beginning
There was love
In the mid time
I grew
Learning to be independent
I improved
living on my own
In mid time I was independent
In the end
I yelled
you screamed
Threatening me with falter
I glared on
None of us ever backing down
You told me
That you never wanted to see my face again
I told you
If that's what you want then fine
It was a war between you and I
And in the end
Hate had ruled over you love
And it ruled over
my shattering heart

D:< ONEW HOW COULD U?!!!!!!.......I still luv u though............. Kamsaihamida everyone!

Nov. 21st, 2010

Awww Minoh is so darn cute~
Fingers dance
Across slick Black and White keys
Lightly touching
Clashing with each other to create a Harmony
A Song
A dance
A Harmony
Play it with your Soul
Play it with your Heart
Sing along to it
Mimic the peaceful chorus
With every c note
Every E note
And every g notes
will always come others
supporting that melody
Left the Rhythm
Right the vocals
Create a Harmony with both
Each Creating
One song that will reside in your heart

AWSUM SONG~~~~~~~~~~ TRYING TO LEARN BY EAR ON PIANO~~~~~~~~ :3 ~Pikachu~

SHINee Hello Hello ~Lyrics~

~Korean Lyics~
이럴 때를 보면 나 어리기는 한가봐 눈 앞에 두고도 어찌 할 줄 몰라
어떻게들 사랑을 시작하고 있는지 사랑하는 사람들 말해줘요

언젠가 그녀 손을 잡아 볼 날 올까요
감은 두 눈 위에 Kiss하는 날도 와줄까요

Hello Hello 나름대로 용길 냈어요
Hello Hello 잠시얘기 할래요
Hello Hello 내가 좀 서툴진 몰라도
Who knows 어쩜 우린 잘 될지도 몰라

내가 다가서야 하는지 좀 더 기다려야 하는지
모두 다른 말을 하는 게 더 어려워 (믿을 수 없겠죠)
보기보다 눈이 높아요 이런 일 난 흔치 않아요 내 말 믿어줘요 yeah

아무렇지 않게 그녈 안을 날 올까요
생각한 대로 모두 이뤄진단 말 믿어요

Hello Hello 나름대로 용길 냈어요
Hello Hello 잠시얘기 할래요
Hello Hello 내가 좀 서툴진 몰라도
Who knows 어쩜 우린 oh yeah

처음은 아니죠 사실 말하자면 사랑도 이별도 해봤죠
하지만 어려워요 이 말을 믿어줘요 그대는 달라요

Hello Hello 이번엔 나를 다 걸게요
Hello Hello Ooh yeah~ Baby Baby Baby girl
Hello Hello 지금은 어떨지 몰라도
Who knows 어쩜 우린

Hello Hello Uh~~yeah
Hello Hello 내게 기회를 줘요
Hello Hello 그래 지금은 어떨지 몰라도
Who knows? 우리 둘이
(Rap Hello 내 곁을 맴돈 그 시간들을 계속
그 어떤 기쁨과도 비교 못해 No More 그댈 이젠 표현 할 수 없고
내 손을 잡는다면 Never let you go 이런게 사랑이면 절대 안놓쳐
Who knows 우리 둘이)
운명일지 몰라
Hello Hello
~English Lyrics~
[Jonghyun] When I see myself during these times
I feel that I really am young
Even with you in front of me
I don’t know what to do
[Onew] To the people who are in love
Please tell me how you started to love

[Taemin] Will the day I hold her hand ever come?
[Jonghyun] Will the day I kiss her above her closed eyes also come?

[All] Hello, hello
[Key] I brought up the courage
[All] Hello, hello
[Onew] I want to talk to you for a moment
[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I may be rushing a bit
[All] Who knows? We might
[Taemin] End up doing well

[Minho] Whether I should approach you
Or wait a little longer
[Jonghyun] With everyone saying different things
Makes it much harder ([Onew] You might not believe me)
[Key] She has higher standards than she seems
[Onew] This kind of thing is uncommon for me
Please believe what I say

[Taemin] Will the day I casually hold her come?
[Onew] I believe everything will turn out the way you think it will

[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I brought up the courage
[All] Hello, hello
[Key] I want to talk to you for a moment
[All] Hello, hello
[Taemin] I may be rushing a bit
[All] Who knows? We might
[Jonghyun] Oh yeah
It’s not my first time to be honest
I’ve loved and broken up before
[Onew] But it’s hard, please believe these words
[Jonghyun] You are different

[All] Hello, hello
[Minho] I’ll bet my all this time
[All] Hello, hello
[Key] Ooh yeah, baby baby baby girl
[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I don’t know how you feel right now
[All] Who knows? We might

[All] Hello, hello
Hello, hello
[Onew] Please give me a chance
[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I don’t know how you feel right now
[All] Who knows? Two of us
[Onew] Might be destiny
([Minho] Hello, the times I spent by your side
Can no more compare to any other happiness
I can’t express myself to you
My heart wants all of you, never let you go
If this is love, I’ll never let it go
Who knows? The two of us)

[All] Hello, hello
Ouuu Dun killz meh! I luv this song kk! N i might do a fanfic for it......

Sanity (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: Sai)

The walls are slick
stained with crimson
& warm
a red box
I want to see your insides
I want to know who
who I really am
a monster
a human
or a being without
is just a game
let my memory restart
it hurts
my head
is splitting
let every thing fade
into a blank white
and let's let this unused sanity
once again.....
Alright guys! Please don't kill me! It's been months and I think I've died.....KK! This is from Sai's point of view of his life.....really sad......TT3TT......POOR SAI! I DIDN'T THINK U HAD TO DIE! Even though u did open up all those people n' packed them up into little boxes.....okay never mind.....>.>
Title: Welcome To Wonderful Wonderland
Pairing: Gilbert/Alice
Rating: K+ (Has cursing)
Disclaimer: I do not, and I repeat, do not own anybody, or any chain from Pandora Hearts, they all belong to Jun Mochizuki, but I wish I owned PH, and Jun....
Author's notes: My third fanfic, first one on LJ, so Idk, plz rnr and flames will be used to heat the house in winter....or will be taken to heart!
Summary:Like any other summer day, Sharon and Alice are out reading, well mostly Sharon. Basically, the white bunny/oz cosplayed as one, hops along leaving a curious Alice to follow. -I'm bad at sums....

Chapter 1: Alice

Alice' POV

"Damn, all she does it talk."
"And as the young princess-"
"Why's it so important for me to know all these things?"
"As the prince took the maiden into his arms-"
"It's not like knowing this will save my life or anything, it's just plain blah."
"And the two rode off into the sunset towards their new kingdom. Now Alice-san, wasn't that nice?"
"Hm? Oh yeah, it was good, I think..."
"Oh Alice-san! You weren't paying attention again." Sharon pouted.
I looked down at the shiny evergreen grass, fiddling with my long burnette hair, twisting it slightly with my gloved fingers. "It's not that I wasn't paying attention." I replied. "It's just that, I'm not really interested in all this romance stuff you know, I think it's just a waste of time."
Sharon shook her head with a look of displeasure upon her doll like face. "Oh Alice-chan, what am I going to do with you?"
I looked up at her with questioning eyes as she gracefully stood.
"I'll go get some more refreshments, you just stay put, alright?"
I bent a thin twig until  it broke with a snap, then I dropped it.
"Alright, alright!"
She glared at me before leaving with a "Hmpf!" as she gracefully hurried towards the glass doors of the Reinsworth's  mansion.
"What's her problem?" I sighed as I let myself fall onto the soft flower patch, the colors dancing and the scents mixing as the impact stirred it's peace. I looked up at the clear cerulean sky, looking for a cloud or two.
"I wonder what Oz and Seaweed head are doing....Seaweed head.."
"His golden green eyes that sparkle so beautifully in any ray of light, his creamy ivory skin  that shone without flaw, his soft, shiny, wavy hair, and his addicting smile that could make the meanest man turn good. Gil, he's so, so-" Alice shot up, and apparent blush on her petite face. "Wait! This is Seaweed head we're talking bout! Why the hell am I even thinking this?!  I mean Seaweed? He's so stupid, idiotic, far from attractive, and so far from kind! So, then why do I feel like I'm in denial about something?..... Arg!! I don't understand!" I fell back again with my hands behind my head, a look of frustration and annoyance stretch across my face. "I need meat." I let the lids of my violet eyes close over, as I slowly dozed. "There's no way I'll fall for Gil.."


Well, that was a short chap.....I guess I don't have many ideas rite now since normally, I write a helluva lot more! Okay, plz rnr!
Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent?

Kino I guess, it's short and easy to remember. ^.^